I lay upon the lake trying to make sense of my unusual surroundings. Everything was stained a blank cold grey like an old black and white tv show. The only noise I could hear were the whispers of the lakes waves, ushering me to explore the ruins of the city. I could feel the fog […]

You “Every unwanted morning you’ll stretch your bloody and bruised legs. You will breathe in the probably highly toxic and polluted air as if it was a good day. You’ll limp out of the cold rusty bunker I proudly built to protect the survivors and go on your tradition jog through the abandoned streets searching […]

Hello name is Hope, Im 15 and 14 years ago today my mother died. Her power was taken from her soul and put into mine, because I served a greater purpose. That purpose has been instructed in this very camera. This camera holds a story. A story of the past but also of the future. […]

The abandoned castle walls climb up the filthy sky which is clouded with dirty masses of fog and block any rays of moonlight from illuminating the earths skin. The ice cold queen emerges from the castle balcony that clings onto the moldy walls and begins making hand signals towards her raging audience. The hairs on […]

The man that was humming to himself walked down the middle of the road.  


My first thought was that I was trapped. Forever trapped in ice. Ice that would slowly paralyze my motionless body and ice that would freeze my brain till the only thing I woudl see was black. Pitch black.