Romeo doesn’t receive the letter from Friar Lawrence about his scemes for Juliets fake death. Balthasar (Romeos friend) informs Romeo about what he saw (Juliets funeral). Romeo is angry and upset, he illegally buys a drug that would kill him if he drank a single drop. Romeo ventures to the Capulet vault and sees Juliet […]

Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead. Romeo goes to Apothecary and illegally pays him to give him poison so that he can kill himself. Apothecary gives him a poison to put into any liquid.

Nurse finds Juliet dead. She calls for Lady Capulet and Capulet. Juliets parents are sad because their child is dead. Friar Lawrence and Paris enter and Friar Lawrence tells everyone to prepare for her funeral. “And with my child my joys are buried…” – Capulet

Juliet apologizes to Capulet and says Friar Lawrence told her to beg for his forgiveness. Capulet is happy so he bring the wedding forward a day. Juliet is in her room, her mother asks if she needs help preparing for the wedding. Juliet says that her mother had her hands full and should sleep with […]

Paris is talking to Friar Lawrence about his marriage to Juliet. Juliet enters and the two argue. Friar Lawrence end his talk with Paris and pulls Juliet aside. Juliet threatens to kill her self if Friar Lawrence can’t figure out a way to stop her marrying Paris. Friar Lawrence comes up with a plan to […]

Capulet, Nurse and Lady Capulet are all in an argument with Juliet because Juliet does not want to marry Paris. Capulet says that if Juliet does not marry Paris on Thursday that he will banish her from his house. Juliet asks her mother to give her more time and her mother says to not talk […]