Seth: Ah herrow! Sammie: Herrow! Seth: Wyd? Sammie: Chinese Seth: Oh cool do you do it at school or home? Sammie: lmao I do it at home. Cause my family is chinese on my dads girlfriends side. If that makes sense..? Seth: Oh that’s really cool is it hard to learn? Sammie: Not atm, But […]

Amy and Samantha. S – “Um wait where are you going, where are you going in maths at three?” A – “I got an optometrist appointment, I have to walk to the medical center at three.” S – “What’s an optometrist..optometrist?” A – “Eye Doctor.” S – “Wait wait” (Laughter in the background) S – […]

A – “Yeah” B – “Oh fanks for answering geezer, I know what I mean!” C – “Give me that!, where you been fool? Making us rinse out our credit messaging you and that!” B – “Mr Doors is well on the warpath with you bruv, yeah” A – “Cause of the bag and that?” […]

I lay upon the lake trying to make sense of my unusual surroundings. Everything was stained a blank cold grey like an old black and white tv show. The only noise I could hear were the whispers of the lakes waves, ushering me to explore the ruins of the city. I could feel the fog […]

The man that was humming to himself walked down the middle of the road.  

Under the desolate foggy sky sat a single grey building upon a bridge. Beneath the badly aged bridge lay water as still as concrete. In front of the bulky building were six scared soldiers whose eyes were as wide as an owls and filled with fear. Inside the haunted soldiers trembling bodies were hearts racing […]