12th February 2018

Transcript (British Language)

A – “Yeah”

B – “Oh fanks for answering geezer, I know what I mean!”

C – “Give me that!, where you been fool? Making us rinse out our credit messaging you and that!”

B – “Mr Doors is well on the warpath with you bruv, yeah”

A – “Cause of the bag and that?”

B – “Wot bag?, cause you missed the lesson you chief”

C – “The bag weren’t a problem, texsy never meantioned it he bottled it. Oi you comin to mine to play computer.

A – “Nah man I’m at home now, I’ve got buisness I gotta run”

C – “What buisness?!”

A – “Buisness that kinda its own, I’m out”

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