14th February 2018

Transcript (Mine)

Amy and Samantha.

S – “Um wait where are you going, where are you going in maths at three?”

A – “I got an optometrist appointment, I have to walk to the medical center at three.”

S – “What’s an optometrist..optometrist?”

A – “Eye Doctor.”

S – “Wait wait”

(Laughter in the background)

S – “What’s wrong with your eyes?”

A – “I’m blind!”

S – “Are you gonna get new glasses?”

A – “I’m gonna get my lenses changed.”

S – “You should get new glasses.”

A – “I want to, but..”

S – “There expensive right?”

A – “Yeah.”

S – “What was the noise they were making in the video?”

(Amy and Samantha start hissing”

S – “I cant do it, I can’t remember.”

A – “I can’t do it either.”


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  1. Ideal material for analysis. Thank you!


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